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James McGregor


Thankfully, my wife introduced me to Max Ding over 11 years ago. I was a radiologist working in a major hospital for long hours. We had mortgage and were expecting our 2nd child. I had never before had insurance and Max discussed with me and my wife the importance of protecting myself against the unexpected.

During years after that, Max was in constant contact, with great financial and insurance advice. When the unexpected finally did happen, with my diagnosis of cancer, we were shocked. I had never thought it would really happen to me, and it also had no signs at all before the diagnosis by my doctor. But at least we were financially prepared. In the days and weeks following my diagnosis, my world became a labyrinth of needles, tests, scans, and operations.

Knowing that I had Max to call on was such a relief. He and his team skilfully and painlessly guided me through the financial and insurance processes required. In such a highly emotional and volatile time, with loss of income and mounting medical bills, he was one of our first phone calls. He responded immediately and personally, and sorted everything out.

I will always be so grateful to Max for his knowledge and personal care. He freed me from financial worries during this period, allowing me to focus on my own medical battles. I was able to fight my cancer well, knowing that I had financial support, which allowed for provision of care for my two young children and payments of extensive medical costs.

To this day, I have been able to progressively re-enter the workforce, supported by Max, and a rehabilitation team. I cannot recommend Max, his wisdom, knowledge and experience highly enough. I am so glad that he was part of my cancer fighting team.