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We have a team of professionals who possess combined decades of experience and expertise to work together for one goal – Look after and improve our clients’ financial wellbeing.

Max Ding Founder and Principal Adviser

A leading financial adviser specialising in risk planning and portfolio strategies, Max carries mission of helping more people improve their financial wellbeing, so they will be able to live their lives to the fullest.With past experience in personal insurance, mortgage and lending, and property investment, Max started OzDream in 2012.Max provides specialist advice to busy professionals...Read more

Financial Client support manager
Jean Yang Senior Asset Manager

With a diversified background in business administration, financial services and property, Jean leads our asset management team. The objective of Jean’s role is to ensure our clients who have invested real estate asset achieve an optimal cash flow status, as the result they can hold their portfolio for longer period of time and reach their investment goals. Jean has a bachelor degree in Arts, she also accomplished study in Nursing in 2013...Read more

Kiki Chen Client and Business Support Officer

Kiki has extensive experience in financial research and analysis, customer support and business administration. She works in an integral part of the team and provides day to day support to our clients as well as advisers. Kiki has a master degree of Professional Accounting from University of Queensland and a bachelor degree in Arts from Fudan University, one of the most prestigious universities in China...Read more