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Why do people become investors?

People become investors to achieve their goals

Invest for Life

The very purpose of investing is not for money, it is for life, to reach life goals. Here are a few answers that our clients have told us in the past about their life goals.

  • I want to be a teacher, go to the remote areas and teach disadvantaged kids living there.
  • I want to provide my children a quality education that I did not have the opportunity to receive when I was little.
  • I want to travel around the world.
  • I want to work in my church, be a God’s servant.
  • I want to spend more time with my family.
  • I want to pursue my childhood hobby, become an author.

What do you want to get out of your life if anything is possible?

Whatever you try to achieve in life, the reality is you would need adequate financial resources to back it.

How would you plan your money now so it can power your dreams to reality in the future?

We provide a goals-based financial planning solution, instead of picking the winners or losers of the market, we focus on what you try to achieve in your life. That means you choose to partner with someone who also put your dreams and your best interest first, it also means you have someone to whom you can be accountable on your investment journey. By doing that we hope one day when you look back, you will find you have had a satisfying life and you have lived your life to the fullest.


Plan your life, live on your purpose

If money is not a problem, how would you want to live your life?

We believe that retirement should no longer be defined by a certain age, it should be a status. A status that you have freedom to choose, you no longer need to work for money.

If you plan ahead and manage your money wisely you can reach this status and retire a lot younger than 60 or 65.

Retirement also does not necessarily mean you stop working completely, it just means that you stop working for money, but you can keep or start working for purpose.

“I see people going retirement. I cannot imagine getting up in the morning and going “Well, I wonder what I am going to do today?”. That is my idea of hell, right there, not have a purpose, not have a reason, not have a plan, not make someone’s life a little bit better……Big lives make a big difference”

Mark Ramsey Global Senior Pastor of Citipointe Church

    We are happy to partner with you on your purpose journey, learning what makes your life unique and helping you work out a plan. We also can be someone who you can count on. Together we can turn your dreams into reality.


    Protect what really matters

    People have insured their cars, properties and valuables but often forgotten themselves…..

    Life is an amazing journey, risk is part of it. If sickness or injury strikes today, what would happen to you, your loved ones and your business?

    Do you have a plan B?

    A good Plan B backed by life insurance strategies provides peace of mind and financial security.

    Life insurance can also be used to protect your business.

    • Diminish your business debt 
    • Reduce revenue loss due to losing key staff
    • Ensure business continuity if a working business partner dies or becomes disabled.
    Planning in advance will make difference in life.
    Report shows the insurance claim successful rate for people without financial advisers is 30% lower than people with. We provide the full service than just choosing an insurance product. Find out our insurance service pack here

    We use Needs-based Risk Analysis to identify your potential life risk, quantify the financial impact and then find the best strategy to transfer the risk. Comprehensive research and study are conducted in each client case to ensure the most suitable insurance products are selected, which generally meet the balance point of the product quality and client affordability.  

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