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If money is not a problem, how would you want to live your life?

We believe that retirement should no longer be defined by a certain age, it should be a status, a status that you have freedom to choose as you no longer need to work for money.

If you plan ahead and manage your money wisely you may reach this status and retire a lot younger than 60 or 65.

We are here to partner with you on your life journey, learning what makes your life unique and helping you work out a plan. We also can be someone who you can count on, together we can turn your dreams into reality.

Retirement does not necessarily mean you stop working completely, it just means that you stop working for money, but you can keep or start working for purpose.

Retirement Planning

You have worked all your life and now you are about to embark on the biggest holiday of your life, but will you have enough money to support your lifestyle? Are you eligible for an aged pension to complement your accumulated wealth and is your home still the one you want to live in during retirement? All of these questions and many more can be answered, and solutions can be provided to suit your individual needs, not some off the shelf model that many try and offer you. It is very much personal choice what you do in retirement and how you can afford to do it, so a properly designed financial plan is a necessity.

Pre-Retirement planning

The sooner you start the journey to planning for your retirement the better placed you are to enjoy life after work. Many strategies are available to place you in the best position possible as you head towards retirement, but it requires advice to evaluate the best options for you as it is not a one size fits all strategy.


To most Centrelink is a daunting experience but it doesn’t have to be. We pride ourselves on the knowledge of the system and what you are rightfully entitled to. We can evaluate your benefits and ensure you are maximising your entitlements to help with your cash flow in your retirement years. We also provide ongoing services to make sure your Centrelink records are up to date. Let us take the worry out of Centrelink for you.

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