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Mortgage & Loan – good debt or bad debt?

As your income level increases and you acquire assets with borrowing, pay attention to the financial expenses.

The biggest expenses in life are the debt, such as mortgages, loans, credit cards and so on. You’ve probably have heard of there are “good debt” and “bad debt”, the good one provides income stream, capital growth or both, the bad one takes money away from your pocket. One of the toughest jobs of financial management is to control your debt, rather than be controlled by it.     

“This (home paid off) was one of the proudest days of my life, that night, Liz and I celebrated, and I swear the grass under my bare feet felt different.” 

 – Scott Pape  Barefoot investor

We help you regularly review your loan structures, mortgage plan and debt status, recommend proven strategies and techniques to reduce your interest and accelerate your payments, make sure you take total control of your finances. As the result, it will save you years of time and tens of thousands of dollars to pay off your home and other “bad debt”, in the meanwhile your asset building can be accelerated.

Not only our interest got down significantly, also we received a lump sum cash payment for each property of our total 6 properties from the new lender, all together it added almost $25,000 to our cash flow for the 1st year and a few thousands every year after….Read more