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Do you have a plan B?

Life is an amazing journey, risk is part of it. If sickness or injury strikes today, what would happen to you, your loved ones and your business?

A good Plan B backed by life insurance strategies provides peace of mind and financial security.

Life insurance can also be used to protect your business.

  • Diminish your business debt 
  • Reduce revenue loss due to losing key staff
  • Ensure business continuity if a working business partner dies or becomes disabled.

We use Needs-based Risk Analysis to identify your potential life risk, quantify the financial impact and then find the best strategy to transfer the risk. Comprehensive research and study are conducted in each client case to ensure the most suitable insurance products are selected, which generally meet the balance point of the product quality and client affordability.

Planning in advance will make difference in life.

Report shows the insurance claim successful rate for people without financial advisers is 30% lower than people with. We provide the full service than just choosing an insurance product. Find out our Insurance Service Pack here

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Max Ding

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