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Most people believe education shapes person’s life, but quality education can be also costly.

“Our four children’s education has been our largest investment”

Phil Lucas Regional Manager of Crown Wealth Group
Phil Lucas Regional Manager of Crown Wealth Group Brisbane

    You may have already started putting some money into a separate bank account regularly, or simply leave the surplus funds in your mortgage off-set account. For some lucky you, grandparents may volunteer to contribute.

    According to a report from Australian Financial Review, a quarter of parents borrow for their kids’ private school education, one in seven run up a credit card debt to pay for school fees.

    “Should I start a dedicated education plan now for my children or leave it to chance?”

    Do you know Australian tax law gives “scholarship plan” unique tax features that are not generally available for other savings and investment products?

    We started an education savings plan in 2005, my two boys were only 3 and 5 then. Now they both study medicine in Melbourne Uni, they want to become the cardiologist and paediatrician….Read more